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Liberty Angel Carillon Chimes Made in the USAAngel Carillon Wind Chimes

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Angel Carillon Chimes
Liberty Angel Carillon Chime Colors
This is the Musical Carillon Wind Chime you have been waiting for!  These Angel Carillon Chimes are heavy duty aluminum and powder coated for excellent weather durability!  They also provide superior resonance allowing them to ring to the heavens. They have a light ethereal sound quality and come in a variety of beautiful tunings that play on the winds. Angel Carillon wind chimes also come in a rainbow of cool colors and can be customized. New colors include Shiny copper penny, metallic red, metallic blue, metallic purple and start dust metallic black.  Colors in stock change, please
contact us for current color selections.

*Click to listen to the Superior Aluminum Angel Chime*

Lake Superior Angel Carillon Chimes $61.75 Add To Cart
Lake Huron Angel Carillon Chimes $61.75 Add To Cart
Lake Michigan Angel Carillon Chimes $61.75 Add To Cart
Lake Erie Angel Carillon Chimes $61.75 Add To Cart
Lake Ontario Angel Carillon Chimes $61.75 Add To Cart

Quote from a sound healer who recently purchased an Angel Chime. 

"The chime has arrived and it is absolutely amazing – I love it! I have never heard a chime as beautiful as it. I would love to hear the rest of the range as well.

Thank you :D"